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  • Are the pictures live?
    Yes, they update automatically every 30s
  • When are the other views available?
    The camera is remotly controlled and we try to keep it on the the best view of the day
  • Why does the picture look like someones lawn?
    The power has tripped and the camera is in its default position, come back in a few minutes.
  • The picture is blurred
    Due to the cameras close proximity to the sea and winds it does get dirty (it does get cleaned every morning).

Follow UsThe webcam is situated at the upmarket guesthouse "The Beach House" in Frank Road, St Francis Bay and showcases views from Main Beach through to Bruce's Beauties. The live stream is divided into still pictures which update every 30 seconds.

The images are shown in 640 x 480 Pixels (300kb Pixels) using a 3x Optical Zoom (4mm-9mm) lens, the webcam also has 8 preset positions that will change depending on activity in the areas. Web surfers (and wave surfers) all over the world can now enjoy the views from St Francis Bay all year round.

The webcam is maintained by DNA Online and any queries or questions can be emailed to cam@stfrancisbay.co.za

Hosted at:- The Beach House
Maintained by:- DNA Online